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Jewish Life

See below for this week's services and Shabbat times, as well as links to other useful information.

For links related to our response to Covid-19, please see our home page.

High Holydays 5781

Please follow these links for information about our High Holyday offerings in this unusual year:

General overview

Learning & Events

Services (full listing)

Zoom Services

Detailed Questions & Answers

Online Booking for Shabbat Services

NNLS members are now able to book to attend in-person Shabbat morning services for the next few weeks via this link.
We understand that different people feel very differently about returning physically to life within our Shul. And we also acknowledge that people may be taken by surprise by how they feel. Lockdown has been a period of intense stress, and our resilience has been tested in a myriad of ways. If anyone feels they would like to talk more about these issues, please get in touch with Deborah Golend Pastoral care coordinator on

Weekly Services

Weekday Shacharit & Ma'ariv
Shacharit and Ma'ariv services are taking place daily online. Please click the above links for access details.

Daily Psalm
On all non-Shabbat or Yom Tov nights at 10.00pm there will be a moment of Psalms and Healing Prayer live on our Facebook Group.

For other services & events click here

Shabbat Services
You can join our Zoom pre-Shabbat service at 5.45pm via the link in our daily email, with Kabbalat Shabbat live at 6.30pm. The service is also livestreamed to our Facebook Page.

Members can now book to attend Shabbat services on site at this link.

Havdalah takes place just after Shabbat ends each Motzei Shabbat, also on Facebook.

Bereavement or emergency contact

In case of bereavement or other emergency, please contact the NNLS Office. An emergency telephone number is available on our answering machine. For information on Shiva prayers during the Covid-19 lockdown, click here.

Contact  our professional team or council members

To contact any member of our professional team or one of our Council members, please click through to the Who’s Who section of our website.

Sat, 19 September 2020 1 Tishrei 5781