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Our Values – Under Isolation

The world is different – but our values are the same, only more important than ever.

They’re inscribed on the wall of our Synagogue and translate into ‘virtual’ as follows:

Love your God:
we’re here to deepen our spirit together in prayer, learning and resilience.

Love your neighbour:
we’re here to help each other, practically, emotionally, spiritually.

Love the stranger:
we’re here for our whole society, including those neglected or forgotten.

Refa’einu – Heal us, God

We pray for everyone who is ill, for everyone looking after them and for all who keep our health services and society functioning with great dedication in these harsh times.

Prayer for public health and safety

Mi Sheberakh Imoteinu Sarah, Rivka, Rachel v'Leah,
Ve’Avoteinu Avraham, Yitzhak, v'Yaakov,
Hu yevarekh viyechazek otanu, veyaggein aleinu,
al kehiloteinu ve’al artseinu,
veyatsileinu vechol yoshvei tevel
mimagefah umikol pega ra.
Hu yishmor al kol ha’oskim betsorkei tsibbur be’emunah,
veyishlach refuah lechol hacholim
God, who blessed our ancestors Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah,
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, bless us and give us strength and resilience.
Shield us, our communities, our country, and all the inhabitants of the world from plague and disaster.
Protect everyone working for the good of the community, especially those engaged in medical care, in public health and in providing for our basic needs
in hygiene, food and safety.
God, send healing to everyone who is ill. Help us to care for each other with sensitivity and kindness. Guide us in supporting everyone who is worried
about vulnerable family and friends across the globe.
God, be with us and sustain our spirit, as it says in Your name in the Psalms
Immo anochi betsarah,
I am with you in your troubles
and let us say: Amen

How to Join a Zoom Meeting

As our community activities, weekday services, learning and other forms of connecting move online, we will be using the online conference platform Zoom more and more. If you need help understanding how it works, click here for a video tutorial and links to download the Zoom app.

Thu, 22 October 2020 4 Cheshvan 5781