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B'nei Mitzvah at NNLS

Celebrating a B. Mitzvah is a joyous occasion in our Jewish lives. It is an affirmation of our commitment to Jewish tradition and is an opportunity for us to continue our Jewish learning and demonstrate commitment to our community values.

For detailed information on the B’nei Mitzvah process and experience at NNLS please click here to download our B’nei Mitzvah Handbook.

We are blessed at NNLS and have the privilege of celebrating the B. Mitzvah of 80 of our members’ children in every school year.*

The B'nei Mitzvah process requires a combination of study, regular synagogue attendance and positive engagement with Mitzvot for the whole family.

Through our Haderech programme, our young people engage with their Judaism, their community and their peers and learn key skills they need to become confident and prepared for their B. Mitzvah. The students engage in a 13 Challenge Programme which helps them to build a sense of ownership over the B. Mitzvah process and deepen their connection to their Judaism and the community.  

Families have the choice of celebrating B'nei Mitzvah in one of our 3 Minyanim:

  • the Traditional Service – where men and women sit separately and the service is led by men. In this service the boys will generally leyn (read from the Torah) and read the Haftarah (book of prophets) and girls will recite 3 psalms;
  • one of our 2 egalitarian services (Hakol Olin or Assif) where men and women sit together and the service can be led by men or women. B'nei Mitzvah will generally leyn and read the Haftarah. You need to visit the services to see the differences between the 2 egalitarian services as they differ in style but follow the same service.

You can also celebrate on Shabbat afternoon (Minchah) and choose between a Traditional or egalitarian service. Click here for a list of upcoming B'nei Mitzvah.

B'nei mitzvah can also be held on Monday and Thursday in morning (Shacharit) services, Shacharit that is also Rosh Chodesh, and ad hoc women’s minyan.

We have celebrated B'nei Mitzvah for children with neurodiverse needs in a variety of  different ways including services at your home and are always happy to discuss this option with families.  You can read here the blog of one of our members who celebrated his son’s Bar Mitzvah in non traditional way.

You can access our on-line sound files library here that students can use to help them prepare.

*We welcome new members who wish to join our synagogue. However, we regret to say that due to exceptionally large year groups and our presently available resources, our B'nei Mitzvah programme, Haderech, is full to capacity for current Years 4, 5 & 6, nor are we able to offer B'nei Mitzvah dates for new members in these year groups. We are able to add you to a waiting list for the B’nei Mitzvah programme, but can make no guarantees that spaces will become available. We hope that membership to our synagogue is still of interest to you despite these circumstances, but we would also be happy to chat to you about the other wonderful Masorti communities that may be in proximity to you and/or other teaching options for B'nei Mitzvah. 

Fri, 21 June 2024 15 Sivan 5784