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Services at NNLS

You are welcome to join us in any of our services.

We have weekday, Shabbat and Festival prayers; we have traditional, as well as traditional egalitarian services. Within the NNLS spirit of pluralism and diversity, our members are offered a rich variety of services which embrace different minhagim (customs) of prayer. It is not uncommon for three different services (Traditional, Hakol Olin and Assif) to be running concurrently.

Our services follow a traditional liturgy, rooted in the love of traditional melodies. We try to create an atmosphere which is welcoming and relaxed, focussed and participative. Children are welcome, and we hold special services for them as well.

Midweek Shacharit at NNLS

Shacharit services are held on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings and are an integral part of our synagogue’s activities.

On Sunday and Monday the minyan is traditional.  On Wednesday and Thursday it is traditional with an egalitarian Torah reading (Torah egalitarian) whenever there is a Torah service on that day, and on Tuesday it is egalitarian. Shacharit is also Torah egalitarian at all services that fall on Rosh Chodesh.

Shacharit services usually start at the following times:
Sunday: 8.30am
Monday, Tuesday & Thursday: 7.00am
Wednesday: 8.15am

Check our Home Page for this week’s service times.

Click here for a guide to help those less familiar with midweek Shacharit that has been produced by Rabbi Wittenberg and the NNLS Services Committee. Copies are also available at Shacharit services.

'We pray whenever our heart and soul are awake'
Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg



Mon, 21 September 2020 3 Tishrei 5781