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Welcome. It’s always a joy to meet people who feel a connection to the Jewish way of life!  Here are some ideas about what to do next:
  • Find out what Masorti Judaism (which we belong to and which oversees our conversions) has to say about conversion here.
  • Please continue looking around our website to get a sense of who we are and what we stand for. (Do explore conversion with other synagogues too!)
  • And do please contact us to introduce yourself and arrange to attend a Shabbat service.
Conversion to Judaism at New North London takes about 18 months. During that time you’ll be taught by a range of inspiring rabbis and teachers, meet members of our community, and form strong bonds with others journeying towards joining the Jewish people.
You can read a brief document about our expectations for people embarking on conversion here.

(By the way, If you are part of a Jewish family but are not contemplating formal conversion yourself then we welcome you too. See the stories of some of our members here)

We look forward to getting to know you!

Mon, 15 April 2024 7 Nisan 5784