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Who's Who: NNLS Professional Team

The NNLS Professional Team is here to support all of the Synagogue’s activities. If you have a general enquiry, you can always email

You can find our lay leadership team here.

Our current professional team is made up of the following committed staff members:-

Claire Mandel
Executive Director
Contact Claire
Tel: 020 3182 0110

Louise Froggett
Community Development Director
Contact Louise

Tel: 020 3182 0118

Deborah Golend
Pastoral Care Coordinator
Contact Deborah
Tel: 020 8346 8560

Rivka Gottlieb
Director of Programming
& Communications
Contact Rivka

Tel: 020 3182 0113

Susie Weisberger
Venue Hire Manager
Contact Susie

Tel: 020 3182 0111

Joanne Beaumont
Office Manager
Contact NNLS Office

Tel: 020 8346 8560

Rabbinic Team

Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg
Senior Rabbi
Email Rabbi Jonathan


Rabbi Zahavit Shalev
Rabbi & Conversion
Programme Director
Contact Rabbi Zahavit

Rabbi Chaim Weiner
Scholar in Residence
& Kashrut Supervisor
Contact Rabbi Chaim

Lucy Craig
Rabbis' Executive PA
& PR Assistant and
Weddings Coordinator
Contact Lucy
Tel: 020 8346 8560

Children, Family & Youth Education

Niki Jackson
Director of Education
Contact Niki

Tel: 020 3182 0114

Naomi Minsky
Assistant Director of Education
Contact Naomi

Tel: 020 3182 0115

Ayala Gottlieb Alter
Education Administrator
Contact Ayala

Tel: 020 3182 0115

Finance & Accounts

Christina Wright
Head of Finance & Operations
Contact Christina
Tel: 020 3182 0119

Helen Foster
Finance Administrator
Contact Helen
Tel: 020 3182 0112

Hilary Roer
Finance Administrator
Contact Hilary
Tel: 020 3182 0112


Graphic Designer
Tel: 020 8346 8560

Talya Sive
Communications Assistant
Contact Talya
Tel: 020 8346 8560

Facilities & Building Maintenance

Zolly Boros
Facilities Manager

Adorian Fedak
Facilities Assistant

Gan Alon Pre-School

Jane Pescow
Head Teacher
Contact Gan Alon
Tel: 020 3182 0116
Gan Alon Website

Malva Black
Deputy Head Teacher
Contact Gan Alon
Tel: 020 3182 0116
Gan Alon Website

Vanessa Long
Gan Alon Administrator
Contact Gan Alon
Tel: 020 3182 0116
Gan Alon Website

Mon, 8 August 2022 11 Av 5782