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Streamed Services

Streamed services can be accessed via our NNLS YouTube channel.

You can click here for instructions for you to be able to switch on and leave your computer running in a halachik-friendly way over Shabbat or Chag without having to engage with it to receive our streaming.

Streamed services are egalitarian and are run collaboratively either by Hakol Olin or the Creative Services team. For those attending in person, there will be seats available that won’t be on camera.


Shabbat 25 June: Niggun & Contemplation starting at 10.30am

The Creative Service (that will be streamed) this week will be led by Ayala Gottlieb Alter, Roby Blass and Rabbi Amanda Golby for Niggun & Contemplation in the Beit Midrash starting at 10.30am. Expect singing, silence, prayer, poetry, meditation and more singing. There will be a chance to say kaddish and hear prayers said for those who are ill. There will be seats available that are not on camera.

Shabbat 2 July - Pride Shabbat: D'rash & Discuss starting at 10.30am

A shorter, creative service and a small, musical and uplifting minyan. Around half of the time is dedicated to traditional davening of the Shabbat morning Shacharit, including Mourners’ Kaddish; the other 45 minutes are dedicated to “Drash and Discuss”, in which Rabbis and/or members of the community bringing texts that are taught and discussed. The service starts at 10.30am and ends at midday, in time to join other minyanim for kiddish.


Each Friday, we include a full list of yahrzeits members are marking in the coming week within our Shabbat Shalom NNLS email. These names are read out with the traditional memorial prayers in the Traditional and Hakol Olin Shabbat morning services.

If you are not an NNLS member and wish for your family member’s yahrzeit to be read out within the Shabbat morning streamed service, please click here to email details.

Sat, 25 June 2022 26 Sivan 5782