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Pesach Appeal 2024

You can read about the charities we are supporting this year below.

You can also download the booklet that has been mailed to members here.

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Camp simcha

Camp Simcha supports UK Jewish families,
struggling with the impact of their child’s
serious life threatening or life limiting medical condition. This includes families of children with a severe mental health diagnosis and those of premature babies with complex medical issues.

Many of the families Camp Simcha supports
are not eligible for local authority respite care services, and even eligible families are having care packages slashed because of budgets.

Camp Simcha’s respite care services enable
parents to benefit from a critical night’s
sleep or an invaluable break, secure in the
knowledge that their child’s needs are being
expertly tended to by CQC registered carers.

Find out more about Camp Simcha

the israeli dance institute

The Israeli Dance Institute (IDI) trains and supports dance teachers around the world, bringing Israeli dance to the diaspora, igniting the flame of Judaism and helping to successfully revitalise communities which have been starved of Jewish culture for many years. Israeli dance is a conduit to identifying with the people of Israel and Jewish heritage. 

This Pesach, you can support “Nurturing The Flame” – IDI’s Summer Dance Programme (Machol Europa) which will bring together around 30 teachers and youth leaders from emerging or distressed Jewish communities for one week of training. Candidates are committed to teaching on their return for at least one academic year. 

Find out more about the Israeli Dance Institute

jewish care

Jewish Care touches the lives of 10,000 people per week through its nine residential care homes, four retirement living schemes, five community centres, three centres for people living with dementia, a telephone helpline, a befriending service, a social work service, and special provision for Holocaust survivors and refugees.

The Holocaust Survivors’ Centre (HSC) in Golders Green provides social, therapeutic, cultural and practical support to over 300 survivors of the concentration camps, and refugees from Nazi occupied countries. It provides an activities programme which include fitness, wellbeing, discussions, social groups, outings and more. In addition to this, the “Shalvata” team offers one-to-one counselling, support groups for the bereaved, spouses of survivors, and the survivors who talk in schools. 

Find out more about Jewish Care

Tzedakah / Charities - Giving at NNLS

Tzedakah is a mainstay of Jewish life. The sages teach that the world was built upon kindness. However, tzedakah goes one step beyond. Literally translated as “justice” or “righteousness,” tzedakah tells us that sharing what we have with others isn't something special, it is the just thing to do.

NNLS supports a range of charities through our appeals at Pesach and Yom Kippur, and throughout the year.

"And when you reap the harvest in your land, you shall not reap the corners of your field; neither shall you gather the gleaning of your harvest. And you shall not glean your vineyard, nor shall you gather the single grapes of your vineyard. You shall leave them for the poor and the stranger." Vayikra 19:9-10


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