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Membership application

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You will find details of our current Subscription Rates here

We welcome new members who wish to join our synagogue. However, we regret to say that due to exceptionally large year groups and our presently available resources, our Bar/Bat Mitzvah programme, Haderech, is full to capacity for current Years 5 & 6, nor are we able to offer Bar and Bat Mitzvah dates for new members in these year groups. We are able to add you to a waiting list for the B’nei Mitzvah programme, but can make no guarantees that spaces will become available. We hope that membership to our synagogue is still of interest to you despite these circumstances, but we would also be happy to chat to you about the other wonderful Masorti communities that may be in proximity to you and/or other teaching options for your child's Bar/Batmitzvah. 

What being an NNLS member offers

Joining NNLS provides you with the following opportunities:

Life Cycle:
  • Marking baby blessings, brit milah (circumcision), b’nei mitzvah, aufrufs, weddings and partnership ceremonies, with rabbinic and community input; burial scheme membership, full support with funerals, shiva and other mourning rituals; yahrzeit reminders
Religious Life:
  • Tickets for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Services 
  • Attend daily shacharit with opportunities to say Kaddish 
  • weekly Shabbat and year-round Yom Tov services within our varied traditional and egalitarian minyanim
Lifelong Learning:
  • Formal educational provision for school-aged children through Kehilatanu (Cheder on Sunday mornings), Haderech (after-school pre- and post-B'nei Mitzvah programme for Years 5 to 11)
  • Various informal Jewish education programming for school-aged children (including Shabbatons, Summer Scheme, hadrachah (leadership training) weekends, and other short residential trips both locally and abroad; Noam (Masorti Youth Movement) led programming at NNLS
  • Regular Jewish adult learning courses and one-off sessions for all levels of literacy
  • Access to our online learning programme
  • A rich programme of social and cultural events throughout the year
Tikkun Olam (Social Action):
  • Members can engage in established projects such as the Green Team, various interfaith initiatives, the Night Shelter, Food Bank collections and Mitzvah Day
  • Members are welcome to initiate new projects with support
Community Engagement:
  • There are always a huge range of volunteering opportunities to engage in, and we know that members who get involved, get so much more from their NNLS experience
  • to enable making connections with other NNLS members, we are also focussed on building relationships either through local NNLS member neighbourhoods bringing people together around geography or through age/stage and special interest
Pastoral Support:
  • In hard times (family, health, financial or otherwise), we can offer discreet support from our pastoral team, and can network members with other Jewish and local organisations as appropriate
Young Adult Engagement Team:
  • We now have a new Young Adult Engagement Team, who are working on various ways to connect positively with this membership cohort
  • We are open to new suggestions but so far have been focussing on running communal Shabbat meals
  • You are welcome to join the team
  • A project offering all members who are looking for help with progression in their career
  • Mentoring, coaching, advice and CV writing

Friends of nnls

Any non-Jewish partner wishing to join our community may do so as a Friend of NNLS

Being a Friend of NNLS provides you with the following opportunities:
  • Participation in almost every aspect of community life, including attending all events, classes and social gatherings
  • Specific provision of mixed faith family events such as explanatory services, Jewish satnav classes and social gatherings
  • Access to a buddy to guide Friends and help make introductions
  • Ability to join JJBS (Jewish Joint Burial Society), which allows non-Jewish partners to be buried alongside their Jewish partners
  • High Holyday ticket
There are two areas of Shul life in which Friends are unable to participate:
  • Voting at EGMs and AGMs
  • Participation in religious Jewish ritual, although the Rabbinic Team will make every effort to discuss and ensure that some appropriate involvement can be facilitated at family celebrations
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