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Please scroll down for details of in person services, services and activities for families and children, and for Zoom service and learning.

Yom Tov Times

Erev Succot 20 September candle lighting: 6.49pm
Succot I 21 September candle lighting: 7.48pm
Succot II 22 September yom tov ends: 7.46pm

Erev Shemini Atzeret 27 September candle lighting: 6.33pm
Erev Simchat Torah 28 September candle lighting: 7.32pm
Simchat Torah 29 September yom tov ends: 7.30pm


To attend in person Succot services, please click here to book.

Erev Succot: Monday 20th September
6.30pm Minchah/Ma'ariv Service

Succot I: Tuesday 21st September
9.30am Traditional Service
9.30am Egalitarian Service

Succot II: Wednesday 22nd September
9.30am Traditional Service

Hoshanah Rabbah/Erev Shmini Atzeret: Monday 27th September
7.00am Hoshanah Rabbah and Shacharit Service (in person and on Zoom)
6.30pm Traditional Minchah/Ma'ariv Service

Shmini Atzeret/Erev Simchat Torah: Tuesday 28th September
9.30am Traditional Service
9.30am Egalitarian Service
7.00pm Ma'ariv and Hakafot (Erev Simchat Torah Service)

Simchat Torah: Wednesday 29th September
9.30am Traditional Service
9.30am Egalitarian Service

Families & Children


For information and to book for Succot and Simchat Torah children's & family services and activities, please click here.


Pre-Succot Service

Monday 20th September at 5.15pm

Short (30 minute) service and welcome to the succah, hopefully conducted from inside a succah.

Zoom details can be found in Shalom NNLS emails.



Thursday 23rd September at 8.30pm

‘Vanity of vanities saith the preacher:’ but is everything really just vanity? We read, analyse and ponder a section of this wry, profound and inveigling text.

Click here for details and to book.

Mon, 29 November 2021 25 Kislev 5782