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Pesach 5782/2022

‘From slavery to freedom:’ The account of the Exodus from Egypt is the meta-narrative of Judaism and all humanity. There is not a day or festival when we are not called upon to be mindful of it. The Haggadah tells us that it recurs in every generation. The struggle for a world of freedom, justice and dignity is happening before our eyes. We are commanded to tell the story.

Our rabbis have recorded three new short videos, which you will find on our YouTube channel Pesach playlist here. Still to come, video recording of Albie Sachs and John Schlapobersky in conversation on The Meaning of Liberty, facilitated by Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg.


The Haggadah

Sunday 3rd April at 8.30pm

Rabbis Zahavit Shalev and Jonathan Wittenberg explore how the Haggadah works: its personalities, what it tells us, what it fails to tell us and how our own family histories and inner lives interweave with its story.

Click here to register - Zoom link will be sent to registered participants.


In hot water

Wednesday 13th April 7.30-8.30pm

Kasher your metalware for Pesach in the NNLS kitchen.

For further details and to sign up click here.


Second Night Communal Pesach Seder

Shabbat 16th April at 8.00pm

Join us for an informative, participative and uplifting Seder at NNLS, led by Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg and Rabbi Zahavit Shalev. Expect lively discussion, debate, teaching and singing  - all in accord with halakhah.

Booking is closed

Pesach Tzedakah Appeal

Our Pesach Tzedakah Appeal is now live.

You can find details of the charities we are supporting this year here. To donate click here. You can also nominate your favourite charity for next year's Tzedakah Appeals here.

Sale of Chametz

According to Jewish law, one must not have any chametz in his or her possession during Pesach. Anyone who wishes to sell their chametz and to have the synagogue assist them in doing so should fill out the form below, appointing Rabbi Wittenberg to act on their behalf in the sale of the chametz.

Please click here for the sale of chametz form. This form needs to be completed by 5.00pm on Wednesday 13th April 2022 at the latest.

Barnet Council are again organising special refuse collections in some areas. To find out more click here.

Please consider donating unopened packets of Chametz via GIFT or Food Bank Aid.

Services, Candle lighting & other Timings

Friday 15th April: Fast of the First Born

7.30am   Siyyum (at Rabbi Wittenberg's home and on Zoom)

Finish eating chametz by 10.42am
Burn chametz by 11.52am

7.43pm   Candle lighting

Shabbat 16th April: Shabbat & Pesach day 1

9.30am   Assif service
               Traditional service
               Hakol Olin service (streamed*)

11.00am Family Service

8.49pm  Candle lighting

Sunday 17th April: Pesach day 2

9.30am   Traditional service

8.51pm   Yom Tov ends

Thursday 21st April: Erev Pesach day 7

7.53pm   Candle lighting

Friday 22nd April: Pesach day 7

9.30am   Joint Assif/Hakol Olin Egalitarian service
               Traditional service

6.30pm    Minchah/Ma'ariv service

7.54pm   Candle lighting

Shabbat 23rd April: Shabbat & Pesach day 8

9.30am   Assif service
               Traditional service
               Hakol Olin service (streamed*)

9.02pm   Shabbat & Yom Tov end

*Streamed services use ‘Set and Forget’ via our YouTube channel.

Fri, 20 May 2022 19 Iyyar 5782