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Covid-19 NNLS Hardship Fund Application for Grant

I am applying for a grant from this fund. I understand that grants are made at the discretion of the synagogue and that even if this application is approved it may not be possible to offer the full amount sought. I understand that further enquiries may be made before the application is considered.

Please include post code

Bank account details for payment of the grant, if approved

As on your Debit Card

Amount of grant requested
I would like to apply for a grant of:

Reasons for seeking assistance

Please set out, if possible in not more than 250 words, why you are applying for assistance. In particular, please state if you:

  • Are an employee who has been furloughed and whose employer has or will apply for a government grant under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme but who is not currently paying 80% of your salary
  • Are self-employed and eligible to apply under the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Self-employment Income Support Scheme and state whether you have applied or will shortly apply under the scheme
  • Have applied for state benefit but your application has not yet been dealt with
  • Have an urgent need for funds to meet an unexpected need for you, your family or others who are dependent on you - in which case please give details
  • Have any other financial needs that have arisen out of the Covid-19 crisis that you are unable to meet from other sources


I confirm that the information given is correct, that my need for assistance is as a result of the Covid-19 situation, and that there are no other resources reasonably available to me to meet my current need. Although any payment that is made will be by way of grant, I appreciate that if the grant is made to cover government money that has not yet come to me, reimbursing the fund to the extent that I receive such money will enable the fund to assist others.
Thu, 22 October 2020 4 Cheshvan 5781