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NNLS Covid-19 Hardship Fund

The Covid-19 crisis will create financial hardship for many people.  We want to help alleviate this, recognising that our resources are limited and that it would be impossible to meet all need.

We have set up a hardship fund to invite donations, large and small, with, where possible Gift Aid declarations.  The fund was initially to be applied primarily to help people with short-term needs arising from the Covid-19 situation.
However, we believe that members'  short-term needs ha​​ve now been met, and we are now able to consider applications to the fund for longer-term difficulties and indeed any hardship issues arising out of Covid-19.  Eventually, any surplus will be transferred to one or more of the rabbinic discretionary funds.
If you are able to donate to this fund, please make a transfer to the NNLS bank account (please contact our Accounts team for bank details), include Hardship in the reference, and then email us to advise that  you have made a donation, confirm the amount of your donation, and whether your donation can be Gift Aided.
If you would like to apply to the Hardship Fund, please click here to complete and submit an application form.
Please be assured that this fund will be administered with the utmost discretion and confidentiality.
Thank you!
Harriet Oppenheimer & Nicki Tiefenbrun
Joint Chairs

Fri, 20 May 2022 19 Iyyar 5782